9 Best Exercises for Fat Loss at Home – Quick and Easy

Losing weight at home may not be as difficult as you may actually think. Yes, it is true that we often are confused if the same weight loss techniques which work for others will work for us too, but do not worry healthy nutrition and diet and a set of best exercises for fat loss are here. All you need to do is do nothing but follow the routine strictly every day without skipping and the results are in your hands in no time. The best time for a workout is, however, morning time; and there is no denial of that fact.

Best exercises for fat loss

Simple & Best Exercises For Fat Loss at Home:

So go ahead and read some more to know the best exercises for fat loss quickly and naturally. These are weight loss gym workouts which can be done at your home in your space.

1. Crunches:

exercises for fat loss

The most popular exercise for burning fat around the upper part of the body and aiding in overall weight loss is crunches. They help burn out the excess fat in the body in days. They are effective to build endurance around the muscles and strengthen them. They further increase and tone them down, and improve the posture and stamina of the body. You can start seeing the results from two weeks’ time onwards. It is one of the best exercises for fat loss.

Steps To Perform:

  • Lie down flat on a mat placed on the ground.
  • Bend your knees and place your feet on the ground.
  • Lift hands from the ground and place them at the back of your head.
  • Inhale and exhale gradually as you do this step.
  • Slowly lift your upper torso above the floor level and get down slowly.
  • Increase the intensity as you get comfortable and used to the exercise.
  • Do it ten times in the beginning and increase the intensity as time goes by.
  • Repeat for three sets.
  • Take precautions to not jerk the head while doing crunches. Make sure you don’t suffer from neck pain through severe movements. Hold your hands above your head slowly.

2. Planks:

Best exercises for weight loss

Other prominent exercises to aid weight loss quickly are planks. They help reduce weight around the middle section of the body and belly area. They help in overall weight loss by targeting the fat and hitting core muscles. They strengthen the core muscles and improve the posture of the body. You can start seeing the results in days quickly.

Steps To Perform:

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Place elbow on the floor.
  • Make sure your hips and legs are resting on the floor.
  • Slowly raise the lower part of the body above the floor and make a plank position.
  • Fold another hand with one elbow on the ground.
  • Lower again and rest.
  • Make sure you hold the position for one or two minutes for effective weight loss.

3. Lunges:

exercises for weight loss

Lunges are a well-known and prominent form of workout to inculcate in order to lose weight in the overall body. Most gym goers recommend this exercise due to the quick results it delivers. They are popular to tone down and strengthen the muscles, build them and improve the posture in the body. You can start witnessing the results within two weeks or ten days from the time you begin doing this exercise.

Steps To Perform:

  • Stand straight on the floor.
  • Place your feet apart, parallel to the shoulders.
  • Place hands on hips or carry dumbbells during the exercise.
  • Step a foot forward and keep your toes pointing in the forward direction.
  • The knee should be straight and drop back slowly.
  • Bend front knee at the same time.
  • Drop until your thigh remains parallel to the ground level.
  • Make sure the knee is aligned to the ankle correctly.
  • Push the body backwards slowly with help of the front knee.
  • Now switch between the legs.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Do 15 reps on each side and you can increase the reps as you start to get used to the exercise.

4. Jumping Jacks:

fat loss exercises

Jumping jack is a well-known exercise form to reduce weight all over the body and build overall muscles. They help activate the muscles in the body and tone them down to shape. It helps to aid in fat loss overall and strengthens the arms, legs, and core. Further, it also helps improve the posture of the body.

Steps To Perform:

  • First, stand straight with your feet together.
  • Place arms on your sides.
  • Jump at once and split both the legs while you do the jump.
  • Split the legs to shoulder width apart when you jump.
  • Also, raise the arms simultaneously over the head when you jump.
  • Return to starting position.
  • Do 15 reps each and repeat for three sets for better and quicker results.
  • You can start seeing a change in a month’s time.

5. Squats:

best fat loss exercises

Squats are well known to hit and target weight loss quickly. They are known to aid in overall weight loss of the body due to movements and muscles strengthening near the hips, waist, legs, and thighs. They help increase the core and stamina of the body and promote flexibility. They also improve posture. Although it is very difficult to do squats, they help immensely in building muscle and aid in weight loss quickly. You can start seeing the results from two weeks onwards.

Steps To Perform:

  • Stand straight and place feet wide apart as much as the width of hips.
  • Toes should be pointed forward.
  • Place arms parallel to the ground.
  • Make sure your spine is straight.
  • Inhale slowly and push your buttock backwards gradually.
  • Keep straight and chest back and shoulders towards up.
  • Focus on your knees and continue to squat downwards.
  • Squat until you manage to place your hip lower than your knees.
  • Hold on and get up to the original position.
  • Repeat the same a number of times as you can. Slowly increase the intensity and pace as you do regularly.

6. Kickboxing/Leg Kicks:

weight loss exercises

Leg kicks help target weight loss by reducing fat near the legs and thigh area and aiding in overall weight loss of the body. They help in strengthening the muscles down and work on toning them. It also helps to improve stamina and posture of the body and promotes stamina. Further, they also help in flexibility around the area.

Steps To Perform:

  • Stand straight with feet wide apart.
  • Place hands on the hips.
  • Extend your right leg sideward towards the hip at above height.
  • Make sure you do as if you are kicking hard.
  • The thigh should be parallel to the ground at this position.
  • Hold for a few seconds and lower it to the floor.
  • Repeat the same 15 times in a set and do two reps on each side.

7. Dumbbell Pulling:

best weight loss exercises

Another common workout for fitness experts is pulling through the help of dumbbells. Many recommend this exercise for strengthening the core muscles and shaping them. This workout helps in weight loss by toning the muscles down and improving flexibility in them. It also helps promote posture and stamina in the body.

Steps To Perform:

  • Lie down flat on a bench.
  • Hold a dumbbell over chest arm length and above.
  • Make sure you are careful not to let it fall when you are holding it.
  • Wrap your thumbs around the dumbbell.
  • Gradually lower the dumbbells.
  • Start with lower-weight dumbbells at first and you can gradually increase weights as you get used to it.
  • Do ten reps in a set and similarly repeat for three sets at first.
  • This exercise helps you begin seeing the results in a month’s time.

8. Skipping/Jumping the Rope:

simple weight loss exercises

Jumping the rope every day is a traditional yet very effective exercise to inculcate in the workout routine. It helps to aid in weight loss all over the body. They are a favourite among several sports people and fitness enthusiasts as it helps not only work on muscle strengthening but also tone them down. It helps to improve metabolism, heart pace and build a nice physique. They also improve stamina and works on improving posture.

Steps To Perform:

  • Get a jumping rope.
  • Do the jumping rope exercise workout for at least fifteen to twenty-five minutes every day.
  • Repeat this exercise four times a week at least.
  • This helps to reduce weight in days and you can see the results in the form of a lean and fit physique within two weeks’ time.

9. Burpees:

easy weight loss exercises

Burpees are an effective form of workout to focus on the core, chest, and legs respectively. They help to tone the muscles down and build lean muscles by strengthening and shaping them. Further, they aid a lot in improving the posture of the body. Inculcate these in your workout routine and you can start seeing the results in ten days.

Steps To Perform:

  • Stand straight and place feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Place arms by the sides.
  • Push hips back and knees bent.
  • Lower into a squat position.
  • Place hands on the ground before you can slowly shift weight to them.
  • Jump back slowly to land feet in the plank side position.
  • Again jump your feet forward and make sure you land outside your hands.
  • Jump into the air.
  • Lower back into the squat position.
  • Repeat the same eight to ten times.

Lifestyle Changes To Make For Healthier Weight Loss:

With the above-given exercises for fat loss at home, there are also a few tips and tricks one can inculcate to aid and augment the fat loss efforts at home naturally. These will help in contributing toward a healthier lifestyle.

  • Drink lots of water. Make sure to drink six to seven litres of water every day without fail.
  • Have good protein food for building a lean physique. The proteins will also help to fill your stomach for longer periods of time and helps you avoid snacking too much.
  • Do not eat junk foods at any cost. They do a lot of harm to your body than you think.
  • Cut down on sugar. Eliminate it if possible completely. Nothing like changing your diet by cutting down the sugar.
  • Sleep well. Make sure you get enough rest every single day without fail.
  • Cut down on carbs. Do not have too many carbs every day.
  • Have fibre foods. Fruits and vegetables are good and better than snacks and baked foods.
  • Have a regular exercise routine. Do not skip them at any cost. Work out five to six days a week regularly without fail.

While exercises are important for weight loss naturally at home, diet also plays a prominent and essential role in one’s life. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle along with regular exercise will help to lose weight in days quickly. This article will guide you through the path to losing weight with these best exercises for fat loss quickly. Keep a goal, focus and achieve it through sufficient time and the results will be yours.


1. Is it possible to Lose Weight in 10 days?

Yes, it is possible to reduce weight within this time provided you follow a quick and strict schedule for diet and exercise. All you need to do is regular exercises given in this article for an hour every day and eat a healthy balanced diet without junk and baked foods. Then, the results will be yours.

2. How to Lose Fat quickly at home?

Start weight training, and muscle toning through squats, lunges, dumbbells, and planks. Have healthy fats and fibre foods. Take a lot of proteins and cut down carbs. Follow a high protein diet and low carb diet. If you follow this routine, then you can quickly lose fat at home in a natural way.

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