9 Simple & Best Exercises To Increase Height Quickly

We all often wish and dream to be tall and beautiful. Who does not wish to be so? Peer pressure, and wanting to look young and beautiful always makes us rethink strategies to grow taller. Most young men and women know how important it is to have a good height to define one’s persona. Most of them take the help of medicines and treatments available on the market without knowing the full details and information on these products. Further, they are expensive and there is never a 100% guarantee that these products will work effectively on us. Here, we enlisted 9 easy and best exercises to increase height fast.

best exercises to increase height

Growing taller at home naturally is now a trend. Although no one can guarantee results, most of them work on stretching and exercises along with the right diet to aid and supplement their efforts. There are several exercises which focus on different parts of the body which may help improve posture days. They help to strengthen and to tone the muscles down along with releasing the right amount of hormones to keep us active. Here are some of the top and best exercises to increase height at home naturally.

Effective & Best Exercises To Increase Height:

Here are our 9 simple and best exercises to increase height in a month. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Jumping Jacks:

exercises to increase height

Jumping jack is known to be one of the best full-body exercises. This exercise helps effectively to activate and tone down various muscles in the body. It not only works as a fat buster near the legs and lower part of the body but also is a great stretching exercise which can help strengthen the arms, legs, and core. They also increase the metabolism pace and help to improve posture in the body.

How To Do:

  • Stand straight with feet together and arms next to you at the sides.
  • Jump once high.
  • Make sure to split your legs while you jump.
  • Ensure that you split the legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Also, make sure to raise your arms above your head while you jump.
  • Jump once again and return to starting position.
  • Do 15 reps each.
  • Follow three sets for effective results.

2. Side Bend:


simple exercises to increase height

Front bend exercises, although seen as a common type of exercise, and known to help twist and turn the muscles near the abdomen and lower part of the body. They work great not only to get rid of fat but also to stretch the muscles while bending. It hence further helps to improve posture and stamina in days.

How To Do:

  • Stand on the ground and place your feet wide apart.
  • Stretch your arms on the sides so that they are parallel to the shoulders.
  • Breathe in slowly.
  • Bend the body forward to touch the right hand on the left toe side.
  • The neck should be towards the left near the left end while doing this position.
  • Get back to normal position.
  • Repeat the same step on the other side as well.
  • Three sets should be done; ten times each should be done.

3. Hanging on a Bar:

height increase exercises

This is a common and popular exercise which helps to stretch your torso and spine. They reduce pull on vertebrae which helps and impacts to increase in height gradually.

How To Do:

  • Place a horizontal bar at a height.
  • This bar should help allow the body to extend and move freely.
  • Make sure you hang freely from the bar.
  • Palms should face outwards while you are grabbing the bar.
  • Keep shoulders and hips relaxed as much as possible.
  • Make sure this process lasts for half a minute and with gaps; make sure to continue this for three sets.

4. Rope Exercise/Skipping:

height increase workouts

Skipping or rope exercises are well known to be an effective form of workout to help and work on increasing pace and posture in the body. They work like wonder if you can inculcate them in your workout routine for 20 minutes a day. Although they are old school in popularity, they are a favourite for sports people for a reason! It is a great method to not only lose fat in targeted areas but further help in stretching and strengthening the muscles and toning them down. They help in building a good physique. It helps improve stamina and build muscles within days.

How To Do:

  • Get a skipping rope.
  • Perform this skipping session for fifteen minutes.
  • Do it at least four to five times a week.
  • This works not only as a great method for entertainment but also is very effective to get a lean physique.

5. Bridges:

workouts to increase height

Bridges are a prominent and effective form of exercise which can help stabilize posture in the body and improve muscles after inculcating them into a workout routine. They help tone down the muscles around the lower side of the body and help with stretching and strengthening them. Although it is not easy to perform this workout, it helps get rid of the fat near the lower part of the body and improves the posture around the area.

How To Do:

  • Lie on the back on the ground.
  • Fold your knees to a 90-degree angle slowly.
  • Place feet flat on the ground.
  • Lift your buttocks slowly and gradually.
  • Make sure your back should be placed in the form of a straight line.
  • Hold this position for 10-15 seconds without moving.
  • Slowly lower yourself to the floor.
  • Repeat this movement at least 20 times in order to complete a set.

6. Dry Land Swim:

easy exercises to increase height

This exercise is effective to help stretch the muscles, especially focusing on the lower back of the body. They tone the muscles down and strengthen them further improving the posture of the body.

How To Do:

  • Lay down flat on the ground.
  • Make sure your body is fully extended.
  • Place arms straight before you and palms should face down side.
  • Lift the left side arm higher than the right arm.
  • Lift right leg as far as possible off the ground into the air.
  • Remain in this position for a few seconds.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.
  • Slowly once you get habituated, aim to remain in position for twenty seconds.

7. Cobra Stretch:

height growth exercises

This is a popular exercise in yoga which helps extend and improve the back, and spine and make them flexible. This is a stretching exercise which helps make the muscles flexible and easy. Due to the effect on the cartilage between vertebrae, they are known to cause an increase in vertical height.

How To Do:

  • Lie down on the floor face down.
  • Palms should be on the floor under the shoulders.
  • Arch up keeping spine upside.
  • Make sure with your chin you form an elevated angle.
  • Arch backward as much as possible.
  • Remain in this position for a few seconds. Try and stretch for thirty seconds gradually.
  • Do at least four to five reps every day.

8. Two Legs Up/Hand Stand:

height growth workouts

Handstands are one of the most difficult yet effective forms of workout to strengthen the back, shoulders and core muscles. They work incredibly well and are quite popular as stretching exercises to not only get rid of fat but also vertically stretch muscles around the body. They improve the posture by strengthening the muscles and the core. They also help with flexibility in the body.

How To Do:

Roll onto the side of a wall for assisting yourself with a handstand.
Support your head and neck by pushing yourself gradually from the floor with the help of your hands.
Hold in this same position for a while.
Lower pushing off from the wall in a gradual manner.
As per your strength press through your hands and shoulders slowly to raise and lower yourself gradually.

9. Leg Kicks:

effective exercises to increase height

Standing side kick works wonders for fitness lovers as they believe that it helps not only targets fat near the legs and thigh areas but also helps in stretching and strengthening the muscles down. This workout if inculcated daily in the workout routine helps to increase height by a few inches by strengthening the muscles around the area and working on stamina. It helps tone the muscles down through stretching and flexibility around the area.

How To Do:

  • Stand straight on the ground.
  • Place your feet hip-width apart.
  • Place hands on the hips position.
  • Extend your right leg to the side of the hip at height as if you are kicking hard.
  • Place your thigh parallel to the ground.
  • Hold for a few seconds.
  • Lower to the floor next.
  • Repeat it 15 times in a similar manner on the same side.
  • Switch sides.
  • Do the same steps again.

Lifestyle Tips and Tricks to follow for Height Increase:

Apart from the best exercises to increase height naturally, a good and healthy diet will help aid your efforts to a large extent. Given are a few tips and tricks and lifestyle changes one can make which can supplement and augment your efforts to grow taller naturally and healthily.

  • Make sure you inculcate an exercise routine every day, especially stretching exercises. Do not skip the routine and make them a habit. Do workouts five days a week at least.
  • Practice yoga. Yoga aids immensely in stretching various muscles in your body.
  • Have a healthy diet. Do not consume junk foods, instead supplement with a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables.
  • Have lots of water. Take 5 to 6 litres of water every day at any cost.
  • Proteins are essential in the diet. They help strengthen and tone the muscles down immensely. Eggs, chicken, fish, nuts and pulses, and grains are good for health.
  • Develop a robust immune system in a natural way. Do not take medicines which may have side effects. Instead prefer having food which can boost your immune system.
  • Get good sleep. It is proved in several types of research that seven to eight hours of sleep on average is required an average for everyone.

These are the most effective and best exercises to increase height and grow taller gradually. They are mostly strengthening exercises which will show results gradually if done regularly. Further good nutrition and diet will help aid one’s efforts positively through boosting immunity, increasing metabolism and facilitating growth in the body. These efforts have proved successful as natural methods for several individuals. All you require here is targeting a goal and giving time, and effort to achieving the results.


1. Does jumping and skipping help increase Height?

Skipping and jumping increase blood supply and gives pressure on long bones to grow in length and tall. It aids to increase height. The number or proportion of height increase differs from person to person and is not similar for every individual.

2. Does stretching exercise have side effects for some individuals such as making them compressed and shorter?

If stretching does not make you taller, it for sure at least will not make you shorter. It is generally well known that stretching helps to increase the height of a person by a few inches, however, results generally differ from person to person. All you require is inculcating the above-mentioned stretching exercises in your daily routine and you may get to see the results gradually if not instantly.

3. Can yoga and similar exercises make you Taller?

Yes, some exercises and positions for stretching help specifically to strengthen the back and spine areas. They help contribute to improving posture and may help to aid in a few extra inches for some individuals. This can help to make you appear significantly taller to an extent.

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