5 Latest and Best Toilet Paper Brands In India 2023

Toilet paper is an essential commodity for maintaining hygiene. These are widely used at home, offices and many other places for a cleaner environment. There exist various brands of toilet papers based on the features like comfort, material and thickness. Here we are up with the top 5 toilet paper brands available in India.

Best Toilet Paper Brands In Amazon

Best Toilet Paper Brands Available In India:

The following is the list of the 5 latest and best toilet paper brands available in India. Scroll down to find out.

1. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Toilet Papers:

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This is the premium soft 2-ply toilet paper with cushiony cleaning ripples. It is made with plant-based fibres, and the sheet is 3 times thicker & more absorbent. The package contains 4 packs of 6 family mega rolls (24 family mega rolls total) = 108 regular rolls,

2. Quilted Plush Toilet Tissue:

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The Quilted Northern toilet tissue is made of 3 cushiony, absorbent layers. This is flushable and safe with 3 times thicker and more absorbent sheets. The package contains 4 rolls with 284 sheets per roll.

3. Renova Scented Toilet Paper Roll:

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Brighten up your bathroom with this colourful and scented toilet paper. This Renova Red Label collection is made of 3 ply sheets and 2 outer double-faced coloured sheets. This premium toilet paper comes in a pack of 6 huge rolls featuring 180 sheets per roll. The rolls are also available in red, orange, yellow, lime green, blue, pink, light pink and nude colours.

4. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Papers Roll:

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Charmin’s irresistibly soft 2-ply toilet paper is made with a unique cushiony touch. It is more absorbent, and the package contains 24 rolls with 338 sheets each.

5. Elvis Bamboo Toilet Paper Rolls:

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This particular toilet paper is made of 100% natural bamboo wood pulp. The rolls contain 3-ply soft and durable tissue. The package comes with individually wrapped 18 mega rolls of 200 sheets each(3600 sheets in total).

This is our collection of 5 latest and best toilet paper brands which are highly reviewed and rated in India. I hope you got an idea about tissues of different types and brands. Choose the best one of these!

5 Best Toilet Paper Brands in india

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