20 Latest and Best Wedding Car Decoration Ideas 2023

Indian weddings are full of vibrant decorations with brightly coloured decor accessories. Apart from wedding halls and invitations, people also invest a great deal of time in wedding car decorations. The car in which the bride goes to her new home is an indispensable part of every Bidai ceremony. Grooms these days either rent out a luxury car or use their own car as part of the process. Wedding car decorations can range from minimalist with a one-piece flower bouquet to extravagant with the whole car decorated in flowers. Depending on what your style is, you can choose a marriage car decoration that complements the colour as well as the type of car. Check out this well-curated list of wedding car decoration ideas and pick ideas from it for the next wedding with your family and friends.

Simple and Beautiful Marriage Car Decoration Ideas 2023:

Time to take some inspiration from these 20 latest and best wedding car decoration designs for 2023.

1. Simple Wedding Car Decoration:

Simple Wedding Car Decoration

A bouquet of fresh lavender lilies complimented on the hood of a brown sedan, suspended with a white satin cloth across the bonnet is the simplest wedding car decoration you can ever ask for. Even with minimal flower decor, the shiny metallic outlook of the car is bound to lure people’s attention towards this one-piece flower bouquet decoration.

2. Best Car Decoration for Wedding:

Best Car Decoration for Wedding

Embellished with bouquets of pink and yellow marigold flowers, this white Swift is draped in the most humble wedding car decoration. Complimented with green ferns, a multi-coloured bouquet is extended diagonally on the bonnet while the other sits atop the roof. Two long white satin strips are decorated on the edges of each side along with several rose flowers decked individually all over the metal outlook.

3. Latest Car Decoration for Wedding:

Latest Car Decoration for Wedding

A black Innova embellished in shades of pink is one of the most attractive wedding car decoration designs. A massive pink heart supported by a Thermocol base is decked on the hood. Complimented with pink blooms, the centre of this hollow heart holds the word ‘LOVE’ draped in the same kind of flowers. To add a twist of elements, four individual pink roses surround the hood laced with pink ribbons. The roof is decorated with the help of several balloons separated by a pink satin cloth. Additionally, flowers laced with pink ribbons are tied to each door handle to finish off this wedding car decor.

4. Marriage Car Decoration with Flowers:

Marriage Car Decoration with Flowers

Lavishly draped in red blooms, car decoration with ribbon and flowers is a go-to choice for most Hindu wedding car decoration ideas. Here you can find a white Toyota Fortuner with two simple bouquets of red roses, one on the bonnet and one on the rooftop. To compliment the white metallic frame a pink satin cloth is draped across the body. If you run out of ideas, add individual roses on the rest of the body as fillers.

5. Car Decoration for Wedding with Ribbon:

Car Decoration for Wedding with Ribbon

A subtle wedding car decoration with ribbons to adorn this exclusive white Mercedes Benz. The car’s sleek metallic finish is complemented by a gorgeous one-piece bouquet featuring red and white roses accented by lush green ferns and tied together with a bow of satin ribbons. The ribbon detailing is carried throughout the car, gracefully extending across the bonnet and finishing with a flourish on the rear-view mirrors.

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6. Marriage Gadi Decoration with Net Cloth:

wedding car decoration

The wedding car decoration with net cloth has become a beloved choice among the younger generation. This charming adornment gets even more endearing by including cute teddy bears perched on the bonnet. In addition, a gorgeous bouquet of pink flowers takes centre stage, adding sophistication to the design. The two pink-coloured net strips draping across each side of the car perfectly complement the teddy bears and the central bouquet, creating a harmonious look.

7. Homemade Simple Car Decoration for Wedding:

marriage car decoration

Surprise your bride with this exquisite white car that has been lavishly decked from head to toe in a spectacular blend of red and white flowers. This marriage car decoration has a web-like structure sown by strings of white Mogras with red roses at each intersection all over its gleaming white body. If you’re intending to take an expensive white car to your Vidai ceremony, this wedding car decoration will definitely add a touch of class to your big day.

8. Groom Car Decoration:

wedding car decoration simple

Two gorgeous hearts composed of red and white flowers are decked out on the front of the car, complemented by a suspension of three red net strips that extend towards the right rearview mirror. Adding to the attractiveness of this groom’s car decoration are two small bouquets on either side of the rearview mirror, as well as a gorgeous garland with multicoloured flowers perched atop the vehicle’s roof in this wedding car decoration.

9. Simple Bridal Car Decoration:

gadi decoration

This stunning white Jaguar is an actual work of art with a heart-shaped bouquet of gorgeous red roses as the centrepiece. The luxurious vehicle is adorned with delicate individual roses. The exquisite five ribbon strips in varying colours drape gracefully from the upper left corner of the windscreen to the right-side indicator. Completing the breathtaking display is the beautifully arranged garland that adorns the hood cover, creating a mesmerizing rear view of this wedding car decoration.

10. Dulha Gadi Decoration with Roses:

dulha gadi decoration

Consider adding an elegant touch to the big day with this stunning wedding car decoration idea for a white sedan. Impress your guests with this beautifully adorned car, featuring a breathtaking display of white and red roses and lush green leaves. The roses extend from the front right corner of the bonnet. They gracefully trail back, creating a serpentine-like structure that is simply mesmerizing. This unique approach to wedding car decoration will surely leave a lasting impression on the special occasion.

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11. Swift Car Decoration for Marriage:

marriage gadi decoration

Often time natural flowers and garlands are not enough, therefore you can go with these net strips to get the perfect wedding car decor. The centrepiece includes a beautiful bouquet of various flowers on the bonnet with individual roses decked over the entire body. The edges of the car are highlighted by the pink net strips extended from the centre of the body right up to the hood. This white car decoration for marriage also includes a beautiful set of flowers on the roof of the white swift, making this entire groom’s car decoration a sleek design.

12. Innova Car Decoration for Wedding:

gadi decoration for wedding

Celebrate your wedding in style with a stunning floral display on your marriage car decoration. The five-flower garland, elegantly stretching across the hood and bonnet, serves as a breathtaking centrepiece to this gorgeous decoration. To enhance the beauty of the white exterior, delicate roses are artfully arranged alongside tender pink net strips on the door handles and rear-view mirrors.

13. Fortuner Car Decoration for Shadi:

wedding gadi decoration

A white Fortuner car elegantly adorned in red and green creates a lavish wedding car decoration design. The sleek body is adorned with an abundance of lush green-stemmed roses, enhancing the brilliance of the metal structure. The centre of the hood is adorned with a bouquet of vibrant red roses, with a complementary arrangement on the roof. The windshield and side mirrors are gracefully decorated with delicate white ribbon strips, further elevating the sophistication of this stunning wedding car decoration.

14. Creta Car Decoration for Wedding:

shadi car decoration

If you’re seeking the perfect way to adorn your Hyundai Creta for your upcoming nuptials, look no further! At the heart of this wedding card decoration design is a stunning bouquet of red and white flowers, elegantly placed on the centre of the hood and roof. To further enhance the look, delicate purple ribbons frame the edges. At the same time, the car’s body is adorned with individual red roses, adding a touch of charm to the entire groom’s car decoration.

15. I20 Car Decoration for Marriage:

sadi car decoration

This I20 car decoration includes extensive use of roses with stems covering the entire bonnet and front mudguard. In this groom car decoration idea, you will find two simple bouquets, one on the engine hatchet and the other on the roof. We can also see creative usage of pink ribbons on the sides and across the windshield and side mirrors. For a DIY design, this is one of the simplest Dulha Gadi decoration ideas.

16. Ertiga Car Decoration for Wedding:

homemade simple car decoration for wedding

One of the best things about a car like Ertiga is its more body length for decoration. Along with artificial ribbon strips, that extend diagonally from the top of the windshield to the front headlight, a pair of flower bouquets is also adorned in this decoration, one on the bonnet and the other on the roof. Unique pink ribbons are used to adorn the metallic outlook in the shape of a cross while numerous roses are complimenting the rest of the body.

17. Honda City Shadi Car Decoration:

dulha car decoration

Red is the colour of love, and what better car for a wedding decoration than a red honda city? Let’s look at this Honda city wedding car decoration idea which includes a medium-sized bouquet of multiple flowers and several individual flowers across the body. The highlight of this marriage car decoration is the blue net strip planted across the sides of the body frame giving an edgy decoration.

18. Audi Car Decoration for Wedding:

groom car decoration

Starting with a pink net cloth positioned beneath the headlights on either side of this Audi car decoration, flowers of Pink, orange, white, and yellow shades combine together to accomplish this luxurious arrangement. A large bouquet of yellow tulips sits atop the car’s bonnet, while a smaller bunch of white tulips rests atop the car’s roof. To elevate the uniqueness of this marriage car decoration, flowers of all kinds are strung together in a V shape to create the centrepiece of this wedding car decor.

19. BMW Car Decoration for Marriage:

beautiful car decorations for wedding

Shades of red, Magenta, yellow, pink and orange blooms combined together with leaves are used for decking the hatchet of the white BMW car. To keep this wedding car decoration subtle, the bouquet is placed lengthwise diagonally on the bonnet with two strips of yellow coloured net ribbons decorated on either side of the metal outline with few individual flowers on the windshield and the rest of the body like rear-view mirrors, etc.

20. Jaguar Wedding Car Decoration:

luxury wedding car decoration

A shiny white Ram adorned in red blooms with a combination of green ferns is the perfect wedding car decor to compliment a lavish wedding celebration. However, to keep the decoration simple, the groom’s car is adorned with a misty crimson bouquet at one corner of the bonnet and a floral sheet on the roof. At the same time, the entire body is covered with red roses to show off the vehicle’s glossy metal outlook.

Wedding car decoration ideas are essential to any couple’s big day. They serve as the perfect representation of love and the start of a new journey. With these multiple options available, couples can choose the perfect decoration that best reflects their personalities. So whether you opt for flowers, balloons, ribbons or custom signs, remember to make the decoration experience memorable. At the end of the day, the goal is to make your wedding day as memorable as possible, and the car decoration plays a significant role in achieving this goal.

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