How To Get Rid Of Warts Naturally At Home – 3 Simple Remedies

Warts are nothing but the small rough lumps on the skin that are caused by papillomavirus. These are contagious and can go away on their own, but it might take a lot of time. The best option is to try natural home remedies to get rid of warts. In this article, we are going to find out 3 simple and effective home remedies that actually work. Continue reading!

how to get rid of warts naturally

Best Home Remedies To Remove Warts:

Try out the following 3 simple and best natural remedies to get rid of warts quickly at home.

1. Baking Powder and Castor Oil:

Ingredients Required:

  • Baking powder.
  • Apple cider vinegar.
  • Castor oil.
  • Bandage.


  • Mix all the ingredients to a thick paste.
  • Apply the paste directly on warts and cover it with a bandage.
  • Leave it overnight.

How Does It Work?

  • The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of baking powder help in reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Apple cider vinegar is high in citric acid, which naturally burns and destroys its growth.
  • Castor oil reduces the burning sensation.

How Often Should I Do This:

  • Use this remedy daily for 4-5 days to see the result.

2. Lemon Juice and Tea Tree Oil:

Ingredients Required:

  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Water (optional).
  • Cotton balls.


  • Take a clean bowl and mix the lemon juice with 3-4 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Dilute the solution and add some water if required.
  • Dip the cotton balls into the solution and apply directly on warts.

How Does It Work?

  • Lemon is a rich source of citric acid with strong microbial and antibacterial properties that effectively dry the wart and eliminate it.
  • Tea tree oil helps kill the virus and provides a cooling sensation.

How Often Should I Do This:

  • Apply this daily for 3-4 days to get rid of warts.

3. Aloe Vera Gel and Garlic Paste:

Ingredients Required:

  • Aloe Vera Gel.
  • Garlic Cloves.
  • Bandage.


  • Crush the garlic cloves and add the aloe vera gel to make a paste.
  • Apply it on warts and cover the area with a bandage.
  • Leave it overnight.

How Does It Work?

  • Anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties of both aloe vera and garlic help kill the bacteria and thereby remove warts naturally.

How Often Should I Do This:

  • Apply this daily for 3-4 days to treat warts naturally.

The above listed are the quick and most effective home remedies to get rid of warts naturally. Along with these remedies, consume foods rich in vitamin A for quick results. I hope you find this information useful. Let us know which remedy worked well for you!


  • This information is based on the author’s knowledge. Before trying any of these remedies, always do a patch test. If you have warts on your face, avoid trying these remedies.

how to get rid of warts at home

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