How to Create the Ultimate Walk-In Closet in Your Own Home

As long as you have the space, whether this be a sprawling room with its own en-suite and private balcony or a smaller, slightly more humble closet in your bedroom, a walk-in space where you can showcase your clothing, shoes, and accessories would make anyone happy.

So, if you are fortunate enough to be currently planning your walk-in closet design, then here is how to create the ultimate dressing space within your home worthy of MTV cribs.

Walk-In Closet

 Upgrade to Glass Doors:

Not only will glass doors to each of your storage units within the closet make for an impressive finished aesthetic, but this will also amplify the sense of grandeur and space you are looking for in the new design.

Another key benefit of glass doors is that, unlike with open shelving, you will be able to see what you are working with when getting ready for an evening without having to deal with debris and dust if your clothes are out in the open.

 Essential Pieces of Furniture:

Now, especially for people struggling with floor space, the actual bones of your closest and smaller items of furniture (such as a dressing table or shoe rack) also need to be chosen and positioned carefully.

No walk-in closet would be complete without a sturdy full-length mirror either, and as this is such a vital element, spend time choosing a reasonably priced yet aesthetically pleasing style of mirror that compliments the space.

Once you have chosen these smaller details, and especially if you have found cheaper and better value online rather than from a physical store, be sure to contact Shiply for competitive and reasonable prices for delivery.

Avoid Going Too High with Shelving:

In an ideal world, you would have enough space to see everything you own in the way of clothing and accessories as soon as you enter, but unless you are incredibly fortunate, many items will need to be stored or hidden in drawers.

The easiest way to rotate your clothing is to work on a seasonal basis, so when winter arrives, your summer dresses, tops, and strappy sandals go to the back of the storage units, and the warmer items come forward.

A common mistake people make when designing their walk-ins is to optimize every inch of space by hanging shelving units far too high, so avoid being one of those by making sure you can reach every shelf comfortably.

Include a Comfortable Seating Area:

Finally, whether or not your new walk-in closet is a smaller and more intimate space, you must include a seating area, be that a simple footstool covered in a plush yet durable velvet material to add some colour or else a full-sized couch.

At the very heart of your new closet should be a feeling of relaxation and even a slither of decadence, and this means having the space and time to sit down and think about your outfit for that day rather than hurriedly grabbing the first things you can find.

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