5 Best Exercises & Home Remedies For Double Chin At Home

Genes are to be blamed for double chin in people with toned and slim bodies! A double chin is an extra fat layer just above a person’s neck and under a person’s mouth. If you’ve got a double chin due to weight gain, it can be beneficial to shed those extra inches you’ve earned. A combination of eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help you lose weight, which in turn will make your face look younger and more defined. Here are some painless, affordable natural home remedies to lose the unsightly double chin.

5 Best Exercises & Home Remedies For Double Chin At Home

The Top Five Tips To Avoid Double Chin:

It’s not fun to have a double chin. It makes us aware of ourselves, it makes us feel overweight, and it can cause a dent in our self-esteem and confidence. While methods such as cosmetic surgery and liposuction can remove the problem, natural solutions and some lifestyle changes can be used to get rid of a double chin. They are as follows:

  • Reduce Sugar and Salt: With an increase in sugar intake, weight loss for the body becomes difficult. And this also increases the likelihood of facial fat. Therefore, artificial sweeteners can be added instead of sugar in tea and coffee. Once again, having more salt can cause water retention and cause the body to bloat. To reduce salt intake, avoid processed foods and fast foods.
  • Enough Sleep: Improper sleep makes losing weight difficult for the body. You have to make an effort to improve your sleep and give your body the necessary rest it requires. Sleepfoundation.org says an adult needs 7-9 hours to sleep.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: The more water you drink, the more active your body becomes. If you don’t drink enough water, your body retains water in your cheeks, which contributes to the fat on your face. That’s one reason you could end up being called “chubby cheeks,” so drink plenty of water, and keep the fluid circulation of your body stable and keep you well hydrated.
  • Go For a Balanced Diet: To manage the overall weight, food from all food groups must be eaten. Make sure that you have enough protein in your diet, good fat and good carbs, such as whole wheat bread, barley, and oatmeal. It is essential to keep proper food in proper proportions for healthy weight loss. Skipping food is not going to help in any way.
  • Include Milk Products: Dairy foods, such as foods rich in calcium, are beneficial for weight loss. The mechanism of how calcium regulates fat metabolism, reduces lipogenesis and increases lipolysis was suggested by various researchers. So go ahead and enjoy the goodness of cheese and yoghurt.

5 Amazing Facial Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin:

Activity is essential when you try to shape your face and lose the double chin. It is crucial to do these exercises correctly. One must take care and avoid injuring the wrong muscles. What is important is doing the right exercises and keeping the double chin well-toned! The following double chin exercises will help you reduce your double chin along with a healthy diet.

1. The Lips Pull Yoga:

This method is a common way of reducing facial fat through yoga. Lips pull yoga provides you with an added advantage to making your cheeks look younger than it was before. Lip Pull tones and gives your facial muscles a prominent jawline and high cheekbones.

How To Do:

  • Lift your bottom lip and push your bottom jaw out, so that your cheeks feel the stretch.
  • Stay for 10 seconds in this position. Repeat 10-15 times.

Result Time:

  • You can get rid of the double chin, by performing this yoga regularly for a month.

2. Chew Your Favourite Gum:

You may not have thought that with a double chin, something as simple as chewing gum can do wonders and help in shaping the contour of one’s face. The chewing gum works on the face and jawline muscles, tightening the chin area. One must always exercise caution and choose gum free of sugar.
Some people swear that when it comes to reducing a double chin, chewing gum can bring significant benefits. The theory is that the muscles that hold your chin up are the same muscles that you use when you chew, so chewing gum tones and tightens these muscles.

How To Do:

  • Nothing can be easier than chewing gum as part of the exercise.
  • This exercise is best done for a couple of minutes after meals.
  • Chew your favourite sugar-free gum once daily for double chin reduction.

Result Time:

  • This can help you achieve your goal in 20-25 days.

3. Blowing a Balloon:

It’s a great way to reduce the double chin and face fat, as your facial muscles tend to expand when you blow a balloon.

How To Do:

  • Sit on a chair, and lean back until you are able to see the ceiling. Take a balloon and blow the air. Blow for at least 10 seconds.
  • You will feel your cheek muscles stretching as you blow a balloon. Then let the air escape from the balloon and repeat this 5-10 times.

Result Time:

  • In a couple of weeks, you will be able to see a remarkable difference in the face and chin.

4. Exercise of X – O:

This exercise is quite easy. All you need to do is continuously spell X – O to move the jaws, cheeks, as well as chin muscles that burn fat. This exercise strengthens the jaws and helps to reduce face fat.

How To Do:

  • Pronounce X – O repeatedly.
  • It can be done 3 – 4 times a day.

Result Time:

  • The exercise of X – O, will eliminate double chin within a month’s period.

5. Stretching Face Exercises:

This exercise is simple but very efficient. The exercise extends the muscles of the face and chin and helps them to remain fit and toned.

How To Do:

  • Use both hands to pull your cheek muscles, as shown. Ensure that the skin moves under the cheekbones while pulling the cheek muscles.
  • While pulling your cheeks with both hands, mouth a sound like “Ah.” Remain for a couple of seconds and repeat.

Result Time:

  • Stretching your face this way will help you remove your double chin at home in 25-30 days.

5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Double Chin:

Learn how to quickly get rid of a double chin by trying out different double chin remedies and treatments described in this post.

1. Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter is made of polyphenols that help improve skin elasticity and reduce double chin. Cocoa butter can enhance the elasticity of your skin when adequately used, eliminating the double chin.


  • This method is very easy; all you have to do is, for a couple of seconds, warm 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter in the microwave.
  • Massage your neck and chin gently with it.

Result Time”

  • Repeat twice daily to achieve maximum results in around 4 weeks.

2. Melons:

Eating melon or using juice is an effective way to remove extra flesh from your chin. Melons have a high potential for antioxidants that protect and hydrate your skin and prevent it from sagging.


  • Blend with water half a cup of cut melons. Use a cotton pad to apply it all over your neck and jaw.
  • Leave it for approximately 30 minutes and rinse.

Result Time:

  • Use melons to lose a double chin in a period of 2 months.

3. Wheat Germ Oil:

Regular wheat germ oil massaging of your neck is an effective natural remedy to get rid of a double chin. Wheat germ oil contains the goodness of vitamin E, which nourishes and strengthens the skin.


  • Massage the chin area from the bottom of the neck for approximately 12 – 15 minutes with wheat germ oil before going to bed.
  • Let the oil remain overnight on your skin. Repeat this procedure regularly to notice the improvement in the double chin appearance.

Result Time:

  • Regular massage with wheat germ oil can help in reducing double chin fast within 10 days.

4. Egg White:

Egg contains a lot of proteins that boost collagen, shrink enlarged pores and lift your skin. Honey, on the other hand, has plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants that restore the balance of moisture, slough off dead skin cells and promote skin regeneration. When these 2 powerful ingredients are combined in a mask, it not only fights off the double chin but also makes the skin supple and soft.


  • Take an egg and separate the yolk from the egg white. With a tablespoon of milk, honey and lemon juice, whisk the egg white.
  • Apply this mixture to the jaw and neck. Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it with water.

Result Time:

  • Egg whites help to reduce chin fat in 2 weeks.

5. Glycerin Mask:

If you want to learn how to lose chin fat, you should use a few natural toning masks in this area, targeting loose, saggy skin. These masks can be as effective as dropping a few extra pounds or implementing a chin-toning routine. Glycerin is one of the best masks for this purpose.


  • Mix 1 tablespoon of glycerin, 1/2 tablespoon of bath salts and a few drops of rose water. Apply the mixture to the neck area and chin.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash the area with water.

Result Time:

  • Do this 3 times a week and see a visible reduction in chin fat in a month.

If done regularly, you can quickly get rid of a double chin with the above exercises, remedies, and tips. A little effort from your side is all that is needed to lose the excess fat and look good again. Do you know other ways of getting rid of a double chin? Please share them with us in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: All the home remedies described above are gathered from the experiences of people around the world and hardly have any side effects. What may suit one individual need not necessarily suit another, so please exercise caution and perform a patch test. In case any reaction or irritation occurs, then kindly discontinue the use and consult your doctor.

Question 1: What is a double chin?

Answer 1: A double chin is also called submental fat. It is a common condition when a layer of fat forms under the chin. A double chin is often associated with excess weight, but to have one, you don’t always need to be overweight.

Question 2: What causes a double chin to develop?

Answer 2: An additional layer of fat causes a double chin. There are a couple of different factors in the body that create a double chin. Understanding these factors can help one to know how the double chin itself can be removed.

  • Age: As the body ages, the skin can begin to lose its elasticity, which can lead to the appearance of extra or saggy skin that can contribute to a double chin. Your skin tends to lose collagen as time passes. Collagen is a type of protein that holds the whole body together. When the skin loses this protein, its elasticity tends to decrease, causing the skin to collapse around the chin and neck. This usually occurs when you are in your late 20s.
  • Diet and Weight: Although weight gain is not always the cause of a double chin, it can be the result of a calorie-rich diet, processed foods, and unhealthy fats. These can influence weight gain and a double chin.
  • Genetics: In people who develop a double chin, genes can play a significant role. Anyone with a family history of double chins may develop one.
  • Posture: Poor posture can weaken the neck and chin muscles. This can contribute over time to developing into a double chin, as the surrounding skin loses its elasticity if the muscles are not used.

Question 3: Is it possible to get rid of a double chin?

Answer 3: Some people tend to develop a double chin genetically as they age or gain excessive weight. The mylohyoideus muscle, which is a muscle under the chin, loses its elasticity when you get older or when you gain weight, and the area plumps up. If losing weight with exercise and a healthy diet does not help you lose your double chin, you can try yoga and massage before cosmetic surgery. If your double chin is due to genetic reasons, it is unlikely that these strategies will have a significant impact on it.

Question 4: What are the different ways to reduce chin fat?

Answer 4: Chin fat can be bothersome and a blow to one’s self-confidence, especially when you wear certain types of clothing which can draw attention to one’s chin. You may want to reduce chin fat to make your chin and neck more comfortable. Chin exercises, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet can help you lose weight in this area. For a quick fix, cosmetic treatments such as injections, laser sculpture, and liposuction can be tried.

Question 5: How long does it take to remove a double chin?

Answer 5: If you follow the above home remedies and practice them religiously, within a few weeks, you will see a change in your condition.

Question 6: What is the best cream for a double chin?

Answer 6: There is a wide range of creams available in the market for neck firming, tightening and lifting to help you get rid of a double chin. However, any of the above home remedies will help if you are looking for natural alternatives.

Question 7: What is the most effective chin fat reduction exercise?

Answer 7: Depending on the accumulated fat, different exercises and yoga such as lips stretch yoga, fish face and activities such as chewing gum, and blowing the balloon go a long way to help reduce chin fat.

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