6 Common Myths about being in a Romantic Relationship

Relationships may be challenging, messy, and wonderful all at once. We all have a lot of false assumptions about relationships since we were raised with a regular understanding of corny romantic comedies and sappy moments on television dramas. But we occasionally forget that television and movies are fiction rather than fact. What seems like pure fun and games on the screen requires some effort.

Romantic Relationship myths

It’s understandable why so many of us, whether we’ve experienced partners or not, cling to popular love myths like this one. It’s simple to write “the fairytale” and concentrate only on the positive aspects of being a part of a pair. Indeed, you and your partner may look back on your decision to join together as one of your finest life decisions—one that has provided you joy, contentment, and an unfathomable feeling of home. The fact having to begin a new, happy life at the end, occasionally involves stormy seas is entirely healthy and natural, even while your good days may exceed those that aren’t may very well be the case.

 Mutual interests keep you connected.

 It depends on how well you can communicate while engaging in such activities. Imagine that you and your spouse are heading toward the “Literature” department of your favourite used book store while holding hands and inhaling the distinctive aroma of an old book. The mood is one of romance. But hold on! There appears to be a fight between a couple in “Politics” right around the bend! Both books and tempers are flying. “You fool! He’ll never receive sufficient electoral votes! Undoubtedly, sharing hobbies with your spouse may develop close bonds between you two, but depending on how you communicate while you pursue these interests, they can also be a cause of conflict. In a healthy relationship, you will both continue to retain your friendships, interests, and occupations. Always remove time for each other and try to do things together, like going out, working out, vacations, etc. Try bonding together in different ways, like buying t-shirts for couples and twinning, creating amazing memories!!!

Fighting is never encouraged in healthy relations.

 We tend to associate strong relationships with couples who never argue since arguments are the most disagreeable aspect of social interactions. It is mostly a cinematic concept. It’s excellent if you don’t fight, but it might also suggest keeping your differences to yourself to prevent a fight.

You and your spouse will probably not always agree on everything since you are two autonomous people with different personalities. As long as they help you resolve your difficulties, arguments and disputes are normal and even reasonable. Fights may strengthen your relationship by allowing you to see things from your partner’s perspective. What counts is how you frame the argument and what you do to fix it.

A healthy relationship should boost your emotions.

We assume that being with our spouse would instantly improve things and lift our spirits whether we are having a terrible day or are in a foul mood. Mood fluctuations are common, so discussing them with your spouse to feel better is fair.

Even if you’re in a wonderful relationship, you still need to realize that it’s acceptable to feel depressed about other aspects of your life. Additionally, some single individuals may believe that having a love companion at their side will make them feel better overall. There is life after love, which is a lesson that many of us need to understand.

Your spouse ought to complete you.

 We frequently view partnerships as a must for the ideal existence. Whatever that implies, our spouses are expected to “complete” us. However, the reality is that you are already sufficient and whole just as you are. Your spouse is not there to make you whole, mend you, or take away your loneliness.

When you and your spouse are in a loving, committed relationship, there is little doubt that the proper partner may have a therapeutic effect. However, you must do the majority of that labour. Realize and accept that you are whole just the way you are and that your spouse is there to enhance, not replace, you.

 A social construct, monogamy.

Everyone has a buddy who has dated a number of wonderful men but simply can’t seem to commit. She will object, “Monogamy is made up.” News organizations support her. The monogamous practice today has flaws, according to Psychology Today, “issues hidden by a culture hesitant to raise critical questions about it,” while Salon jokes that “maybe monogamy isn’t natural! Even sex advice writer Dan Savage is known for saying that.

However, the word “natural” might be a little tricky. The fact is that we have a complicated relationship with monogamy. About 3 to 5 percent of animal species, including humans, are thought to be monogamous by biologists. The prairie vole is a fluffy rodent that is known for being the most committed monogamist in the animal kingdom. Meadow voles, who are their near cousins, are promiscuous whereas prairie voles are lifelong partners and loving parents. Scientists have been able to identify a biological foundation for monogamy that is also present in humans thanks to the commonalities between these two species.

You should desire constant companionship.

You’re in a fulfilling relationship and like spending all of your time with your partner, so let’s move on. A pair of lovebirds joined at the hip must be a happy couple, right? However endearing and cinematic that notion may seem, it is still only a myth.

The time you spend alone or apart from your spouse gives you a lot of opportunities to study and have fun. Being in a relationship does not require you to give up on your interests, relationships, or any personal objectives. To continually contribute your personality to the relationship, you must be true to yourself.

True happiness that lasts comes from inside. You will find yourself growing unhealthily dependent, which is unjust to your spouse, if you only find enjoyment in someone else’s affection or if you don’t feel whole on your own.

Spend some time alone so that you may first learn to appreciate yourself. Relationships provide you with the opportunity to share your joy with another person and to be with someone for the right reasons rather than just to avoid being alone.

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